Our Mission

Making crypto easy and safe for everyone. We are a team of designers, engineers, and former founders who are dedicated to making crypto easier for world use. We believe that great design and thoughtful product experiences will be the key to bringing crypto.


Alightpay was founded in 2021

5 People

We come from all different backgrounds.


Bringing innovation to DEFI

50+ thousand

Active Community


project involving Defi Technology


Providing global service is our goal

We’re proud of the people who have our back

Our Values

Alightpay is dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly crypto management platform for the masses to secure and grow their crypto assets safely and conveniently


Our project seeks to ensure that decentralized finance becomes accessible in everyone's life, as well as to improve the governing environment for decentralized finance.

Community driven

We keep our focus firmly anchored in the community and customer demands always come first, which will allows us to create better products and upgrades based on customer feedback.

Enhanced and more secure

By providing an improved Crypto management platform, we aim to take everyone's crypto journey to the next level without compromising their assets' security

Fututre Plans

NFT Launch

There will soon be a NFT series of Alightpay offering enhanced use of NFT and utility of Alightpay.

Coming soon..

Hardware Wallet

In an effort to grow the wallet ecosystem of Alightpay, the company will launch its first physical product, a hardware wallet.

Coming soon..

Alightpay Blockchain

In the near future, Alightpay will launch a better and more secure decentralized blockchain.

Coming soon..

Extension Wallet

In order to enhance Alightpay ecosystem, we will launch our Extesion wallet soon

Coming soon..

Ready to get started?

With Alightpay, DEFI ecosystem will continue to evolve. Get ready for some exciting innovations in the future

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