How to Participate in Private-B Sale ?


Step 1

Ensure that you are using a web3 supported browser or a decentralised wallet.

Connect your wallet to via Matic chain.

Step 2

Once you have connected your wallet, click

the   Join Whitelist   button in the top right corner.

By clicking the join whitelist button, a transaction will appear for you to verify your address. Once your transaction has been verified, click confirm.

Alightpay sale

Step 3

As soon as your address is whitelisted, you will be able to buy ALPY

On the purchasing process,  you can see that a slider appears. As you move this slider left to right, the amount you need to buy will be displayed.


Step 4

Once you've selected your desired amount, click on the Buy now button.

As soon as you click buy now, your transaction will appear and ensure you have sufficient matic to confirm your transaction.

Buying ALPY

Step 5

The purchased allocation will be distributed on the Token Generation Event (TGE) with the given vesting schedule.

The team wishes you the best on buying ALPY Tokens.